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Welcome to our Duradek info page! As remodeling specialists, we understand the importance of robust and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your home. Duradek is at the forefront of innovative decking solutions, ensuring durability without compromising style. Dive in to learn about the multiple features and benefits that this remarkable product has to offer.

Waterproof vinyl decking

  • Your shield against the elements: For those seeking a robust solution that can stand the test of time and weather, Duradek's waterproof vinyl decking is the ultimate choice. This innovative product guarantees zero leaks, perfect for outdoor decks, patios, and rooftops. Made with a unique blend of PVC formulations, it offers protection against sun, rain, and snow, ensuring your space remains dry and intact throughout the seasons.
  • Easy maintenance: Gone are the days of constant upkeep. Duradek's vinyl decking requires minimal maintenance. With its stain-resistant quality, simply washing with mild soap and water will keep your deck looking brand-new. This feature not only saves time but also keeps the expenses down.
  • Aesthetically versatile: Waterproof doesn't mean boring. Duradek's waterproof vinyl decking comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Whether you prefer a classic wooden look or a contemporary design, there's something for every homeowner's taste.



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Deck railing

  • Safety with style: Deck railings are an essential part of any outdoor space, providing safety without obstructing the view. Duradek's deck railing solutions combine strength and elegance, ensuring that you can lean back and enjoy the panorama without worry.
  • Customizable options: Every home is unique, and so are the requirements for its railings. Duradek offers a variety of customizable railing options to complement your space perfectly. Everything can be tailored to fit your aesthetic preferences, from the choice of material to the design and color.
  • Long-lasting durability: The Duradek promise of quality extends to its railing solutions. Made with high-grade materials and designed to withstand environmental challenges, these railings promise longevity and minimal maintenance.

Tile underlayment

  • A strong foundation: Tiles, while beautiful and sturdy, require a solid underlayment to maximize their lifespan. Duradek's tile underlayment solutions provide the strong foundation that your tiles need. Acting as a barrier against moisture and providing stability, this underlayment ensures that your tiles remain intact and beautiful for years.
  • Versatility for various tile types: Whether you're looking to install ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles, Duradek's underlayment is compatible with all. Its adaptability ensures a smooth installation process and a flawless finish.
  • Protection against cracks: The last thing you want is for your beautiful tiles to develop cracks. With Duradek's tile underlayment, you're provided with an extra layer of protection. The underlayment absorbs minor floor movements, thereby preventing cracks and ensuring a longer life for your tiles.
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Duradek offers a comprehensive range of decking solutions that promise durability, style, and peace of mind. As your trusted flooring store, Dugan's proudly provides and installs Duradek products, ensuring your home remains elegant and protected. Our showrooms in Osage Beach, MO, Laurie, MO, Sedalia, MO, and Bolivar, MO, serve all of Mid-Missouri including Osage Beach, MO, Laurie, MO, Sedalia, MO, Bolivar, MO, and Springfield, MO. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your next project.