Installation services

We have spent many years finding and building relationships with the top installation crews in our local areas. All of our installation teams are insured and provide the highest quality installation procedures. Our teams work primarily for Dugan's and we stand behind their workmanship. We can provide a list of completely-satisfied customers that will give great references for all the installer teams. Please let us assist you in a "NO HASSLE" shopping and installation experience for your next project.

How the process of purchase and installation works:

  • Select needed merchandise with a Dugan's associate.
  • Based on your estimate of the room’s dimensions, we will estimate the total cost of your installation.
  • We will schedule a measurement appointment to verify the work and material required. After the measure, we will update your quote. Note: This amount can change due to unforeseen conditions with your installation. Every effort will be made to predict any problems that may occur with your job.
  • Your material will be ordered and a tentative installation date will be set after 1/2 deposit is received on your order. NOTE: The installation date can change based on availability of material from our suppliers. We will make every effort to eliminate any and all delays.
  • Once the merchandise is received, the sales associate will get with you within two working days and confirm a date for the installation.
  • Full payment must be made at the time installation is complete.



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Before your installation

  • Empty all cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases, closets, etc.
  • Move all breakables, such as lamps, vases, mirrors, wall hangings, antiques and other valuables.
  • Disconnect and remove all electronic equipment such as televisions, stereos and computers.
  • The building must be completely closed in, with outside windows, doors, and thresholds in place.
  • All wet trades (i.e. drywall, plaster) should be finished before installation.
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems must be operable.
  • Electricity and water must be provided in the work area.
  • Sub floor conditions: Dugan's cannot be held legally, financially or professionally responsible for the existing substrate conditions (i.e. excessive moisture content, high pH levels, uneven slab, existing flooring differences, etc.) or things that could directly or indirectly effect the new flooring performance.

During your installation

  • The homeowner or an adult over the age of 18, with authority to make decisions about your installation, along with a Dugan's associate, must be present during the jobsite inspection and installation.
  • The expected installation time may vary depending on the size and scope of the project.
  • Many installations will cause inconvenience if you are living in the house.
  • Temperature on the site must be within 60-80°F
  • Children and pets must be kept away from the work area.
  • It may be noisy due to equipment and tools being used during installation.
  • The adhesives used for installation can produce strong odors.
  • Cutting material, removing existing flooring and sub-floor preparation can create dust that can infiltrate other parts of your house. We will make every attempt to keep dust to a minimum. Dusting will be required by homeowner after installation.

After your installation

  • You may have to do touch-up painting after your installation.
  • You may need to change your air filters.
  • You will need to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance of your installed product.

Other installation expectations

  • If the new floor is substantially thicker than the old floor, doors may not swing clear. If so, you will have to replace your doors or hire a carpenter to trim them down.
  • Canceling appointments with installers or missing scheduled appointments will lead to additional charges.
  • If unforeseen labor is needed (i.e. repair damage from water or termites, electrical or plumbing problems, etc.), there will be additional charges. In some cases, this labor may not be available from Dugan's, so the customer must hire their own contractor.

Services not available with this installation program:

We will not

  • Install new carpeting over old pad.
  • Remove or haul away animal-soiled or flea-infested carpet.
  • Move some items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, aquariums, antiques, water beds or pool tables.
  • Disconnect or connect gas appliances or water lines.
  • Relocate appliances.
  • Do electrical or plumbing work.
  • Paint, stain or finish trim or moldings.
  • Cut interior or exterior doors.
  • Replace exterior thresholds.
  • Install any flooring over particle board.
  • Work on Sundays or holidays.
Installation in Mid-Missouri from Dugan's

Manufacturer's warranties

  • Dugan's conveys all product-specific manufacturer warranties to the consumer. Please refer to the literature provided by the manufacturer for each product specific warranties. We make no claims or guarantees over and above those listed by the manufacturer. We strongly recommend filling out and sending any registration cards found in the warranty pamphlet.

Residential installation warranty

  • Dugan's warrants all carpet labor for one year. This warranty remains in effect as long as it remains installed in the residence that is occupied by the original purchaser. Commercial properties carry a one year installation warranty.
  • Types of services covered under this warranty: Seams which gap, unravel or fray, re-stretching and replacement or repair of transitions (metal, etc.).
  • This warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated by abuse, flooding, improper cleaning or by customer’s own repairs or removal of carpet to install stereo wires, cable, phone wires, etc. Consequential or incidental damages resulting from installation service are not covered by this warranty.
  • All premium TEC setting products used in your installation are additionally covered under the TEC warranty. Please ask your sales associate for further details.
  • All terms and conditions of our sales invoice and contracts become part of this warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated by abuse, flooding, improper maintenance, scratching or sub-floor movement.
  • We cannot guarantee that the original material will be available for repairs or replacement. If the original product has been discontinued then a product of equal value will be offered.
  • Dugan's cannot be responsible for matching specific dye lots, shades or colors. We recommend that you keep any excess material for this purpose.
  • Removal of all fixtures and/or appliances will be the responsibility of the owner.