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At Dugan's, we take pride in partnering with some of the industry's leading vendors to provide our customers with the highest quality products. One of our trusted vendors is Benjamin Moore, a name that has been synonymous with excellence in paint for over a century. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of paints and coatings that are known for their exceptional durability, vibrant colors, and superior coverage. Whether you're looking for interior or exterior paint, Benjamin Moore has a solution to meet your needs. With their extensive color palette and innovative formulas, Benjamin Moore paints allow you to bring your vision to life and create a space that reflects your unique style.  

Another vendor we are proud to work with is PPG, a global leader in paints, coatings, and specialty materials. PPG offers a diverse range of products that cater to various industries and applications. Their paints are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and color accuracy. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, PPG has a solution for your painting needs. From interior and exterior paints to primers, stains, and specialty coatings, PPG provides a comprehensive range of products that deliver outstanding results.  

In addition to paint vendors, we also partner with Wooster, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade painting tools and accessories. Wooster is known for their high-quality brushes, rollers, and other painting supplies that are designed to make your painting projects easier and more efficient. With their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, Wooster products ensure a smooth and even application of paint, resulting in a professional finish every time.  

At Dugan's, we believe in offering our customers the best products available, and our partnerships with vendors like Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Wooster allow us to do just that. Visit us today and experience the quality and performance of these trusted brands for yourself.

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Exterior: Make a great first impression
High-quality exterior paint that provides excellent durability and protection for the outside of your home.
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Interior: The right paint for your space
The highest-quality interior paint and colors provide excellent coverage for your living room walls, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
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Painting supplies: Supplies to get the job done
Painting supplies for all types of projects.
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Specialty: Unique products and services
Specialty solutions for specialty projects.
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Stains: Elevate outdoor spaces
Protect and enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, porch, fence, and outdoor wood furniture.
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