No flooring material can compare to the instant warmth and luxury hardwood flooring adds to a home. Want to coordinate the flooring with your cabinet? Not a problem! Wood is available in a variety of colors thanks to stains on the market today. Don’t want to use a stain but want a darker wood? Opt for a darker-hued wood such as maple or walnut. Hardwood floors are a great addition to complete any design.

Dugan's offers hardwood flooring from leading manufacturers including Porter Craft, Paramount, D&M Wood and many other manufactures. Do you have pets with long claws? If so, hardwood may not be the best fit for your lifestyle due to being more susceptible to scratching compared to tile. Do you have family members with allergies? Hardwood may be the best option as it doesn’t trap allergens the way carpet does. At the end of the day, the flooring in your home needs to fit your lifestyle. The designers at Dugan's can help you find the best fit.

At Dugan's, we will help you from start to finish with your hardwood project. From picking out the right wood for your project, through the installation process, the consultants at Dugan's can help you as much as you like through the process.

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